TKX Capital Successfully Closed Its First US$25 Million Crypto Venture Fund | TKX News

TKX Capital successfully closed its first US$25 million crypto venture fund, backed by industry leaders including Huobi, Kenetic Capital, Nural Capital,Celo, MOBOX, and Zoo Capital.

Will Wang, Partner at TKX, believes that the development of the Internet blurs the boundaries between countries and organizations and fundamentally changes the way in which people interact with society. The emergence of distributed partnerships such as DAO and Web 3.0 reflects not only the beginning of such a transformative trend, but also that decentralized applications will revolutionize our society, business, and finance in the near future. TKX’s investments focus on Web 3.0, NFT, Metaverse, GameFi, DeFi applications, and the underlying blockchain infrastructure. TKX leverages its network and capital to fast-track the development and advancement of blockchain applications.

TKX, the crypto asset management company, was founded in March 2021 by Chris Lee, former CEO of OKX and former CFO of Huobi Group, and Will Wang, former Head of Investment and Business Development of Huobi North America. TKX covers all sub-sectors of the crypto industry and will continue to invest in the primary and secondary markets of the blockchain ecosystem, with full-lifecycle investment, consulting, and capital management capabilities.

TKX’s investment and service portfolio includes Mask, Polygon, Bloktopia, Mbox, Alien Worlds, Serum, O3, Sidus, Duet, Roll, Bit2Me, IronSail, Era7, Lootex, Bulliverse, Cross The Ages, as well as Outer Ring.

About TKX Capital

Website: TKX.Capital
Build with us: HI@TKX.CAPITAL



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