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3 min readJun 13, 2024


by @uuwagyuu

Phaver is a Web3 social app designed to work within a permissionless and non-custodial ecosystem. Launched in May 2022 with the Lens Protocol mainnet, Phaver allows users to cross-post and consolidate reactions from both Lens Protocol and Farcaster, with the native $SOCIAL token as a key part of its ecosystem.

With over 350,000 downloads, Phaver is a leading app in the Lens Protocol network, holding a significant share of posts and reactions. It is also the largest third-party app on Farcaster. Phaver’s mobile app offers a user-friendly entry point into Web3, allowing users to sign up with familiar Web2 logins without needing a wallet, making the transition into blockchain easier.

Recently, Phaver announced its Season 1 airdrop, distributing 3% of the total $SOCIAL tokens to qualified users. To be eligible, users need to have a Lens profile, a Farcaster profile, and at least one Cred item connected on Phaver. The airdrop rewards users based on their level and engagement, with points convertible to $SOCIAL tokens post-TGE.

Unique Features

Web2.5 Approach:

  • Bridges Web2 and Web3 by allowing sign-ups with Web2 logins, easing the transition to Web3 features.

Cross-Protocol Integration:

  • Integrates with Lens Protocol (Polygon) and Farcaster for cross-posting and consolidated reactions.

Full Ownership and Data Security:

  • Provides full control over social graphs with blockchain-based backups, ensuring data security and user ownership.

Gamified Content and Reward System:

  • Users can stake points on posts to boost visibility and earn rewards, with points convertible to $SOCIAL tokens.

Multilingual and Localized Support:

  • Supports multiple languages, including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, and Vietnamese, fostering global inclusivity.

Ethical Data Collection and User Privacy:

  • Avoids invasive data collection, focusing on ethical practices and rewarding user participation with convertible points.

Decentralized Moderation:

  • Uses a decentralized system where verified users vote on content quality, promoting fairness and preventing abuse.

NFT Integration and Support:

  • Allows users to connect NFTs to profiles, enhancing social graphs and credibility, while supporting high-quality NFT projects.

Decentralized Social Landscape

Decentralized social networks (DeSoc) have emerged as alternatives to traditional, centralized social media platforms. These networks use blockchain to give users control over their data and interactions, addressing privacy and security issues common in Web2.

Phaver plays a crucial role in the DeSoc landscape by enabling cross-protocol interactions. Users can share content across different social networks like Lens Protocol on Polygon and Farcaster on Base. This cross-posting ability consolidates user engagement and reactions, making it easier for users to manage their social presence across multiple platforms.

Solving Pain Points

Addressing User Fragmentation in DeSoc

One of the significant challenges in the DeSoc space is user fragmentation across different platforms. With the emergence of various social chains like Lens Protocol, CyberConnect, and Farcaster, users often find themselves scattered across multiple networks, leading to fragmented social interactions and data.

Phaver addresses this issue by aggregating social feeds from different protocols, allowing users to interact with a unified social graph. This approach not only enhances user convenience but also fosters a more cohesive and integrated social experience. By supporting multiple protocols, Phaver acts as a bridge, bringing together users from different networks and enabling seamless interaction.

Gamified Content Sharing and Discovery

Phaver’s approach to content sharing and discovery is designed to provide users with a relevant and engaging feed. The platform uses a gamified system where users can stake points on their favorite posts, boosting their visibility and rewarding high-quality content. Premium Topics and a robust staking system further enhance content visibility and reward mechanisms, ensuring that the best content creators are recognized and incentivized.


Phaver effectively tackles key challenges in the SocialFi space. For user retention, it lowers entry barriers by allowing sign-ups with familiar Web2 logins and gradually introducing Web3 features, making it easier for non-crypto users to adapt. This approach helps attract and keep users who might otherwise be put off by complex blockchain concepts. On the economic side, Phaver’s gamified content rewards and ethical data practices create a sustainable token economy, redistributing value directly to users and creators through social tokens and NFTs. By addressing these issues, Phaver combines ease of use with robust financial incentives, positioning itself as a strong contender in the SocialFi market.





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