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by @FriedWagyuu


  • Pepo is the first project bringing existing PFP NFTs to the metaverse
  • Feed-to-earn offers playful gameplay instead of APY and return-rates
  • The voting system focusing on rewarding creators than speculators
  • Economic design focusing on long-term stability than short-term gains
  • Developed by award-winning game studio FINIFUGU


Pepo Paradise is the first “PetFi” metaverse that brings existing NFTs to life. By collaborating with blue-chip NFT projects, existing NFT users can join the Pepo metaverse at no extra charge. The feed-to-earn metaverse is built by experienced game studio FINIFUGU, which has won multiple gaming awards. Pepo is also the winner of the Asia AVAX 2022 hackathon. In Pepo, NFT holders can earn $PPC from feeding and farming, and purchase $PPP to expand their lands. In the long term, Pepo intends to build a mutual benefit and long-lasting metaverse economy with multi-chain NFT partners.


Experienced Studio

FINIFUGU is a mobile gaming studio based in Hong Kong, where all the team members work remotely from different countries. Two founders both graduated from top game design school in London and they met at the Games Department at the London College of Communications in 2016 and formed the studio.

Founding Partners

Chris Li

  • MA in Games Design from the University of the Arts London
  • BA in Mathematics with Management & Finance from King’s College London
  • 2 years game development experience in London

Semone Bunnag

  • MA in Games Design from the University of the Arts London
  • BFA in Architecture and Design from Rhode Island School of Design
  • Teaching assistant at Rhode Island School of Design for 3.5 years before joining FINIFUGU.

Besides two founders, the team has 10 full-time experienced members distributed in different locations in the world, including Hong Kong, London, Italy, Thailand, and Taiwan.

Award Winning Games

FINIFUGU’s best-known game is “Too Many Cooks,” which is the winner of 7 international game awards. Another game “Otter Ocean” is a pet game where users lead a team of cute otters to explore and develop the game world. FINIFUGU also developed many other playful games with high quality and artistic sense, we can expect the output of Pepo to be higher than most blockchain games.

High-Quality NFT Partners

As a game that brings existing NFT projects to life, Pepo is partnering with blue-chip NFTs with strong communities, for example:

  • ALPACADABRAZ (10k ETH total volume)
  • CryptoHoots (3k volume)
  • Chubbies (3k volume)
  • WonderPals (10.6k volume)
  • Karafuru (44.2k volume)
  • CyberKongz (33.1k volume)

All the above NFT projects will bring high-quality users into the Pepo Metaverse.

Game Play


Feed-to-earn is the core economy model of Pepo’s metaverse. Users need to feed Pepo Food ($PPF) and take care of their Pepos to earn bonding scores. A higher bonding score means better rewards of $PPC tokens, eggs, and blueprints. Instead of giving a fixed investment return like most blockchain games, Pepo want its user to have fun with petting their Pepos and build true relationship by feed and earn.


In the gameplay, $PPC rewarded by feeding will be used to build farms and items with blueprints. From farming, users can gain $PPF for feeding their Pepos. They can also choose to swap $PPC with $PPF. $PPP will be the main currency for trading, staking, and governance.

Closed Beta Experience

Pepo released its closed beta on June 2022, users with Cheeks NFT (Pepo’s original NFT) could join and explore the land-creating function. The one-month closed beta attracted more than 150 users with unique land creations and the voting functions function is tested. Lands with higher votes are rewarded for their hardwork.

Token Distribution

10% of the total tokens are distributed to investors, 20% for advisors and team, and more than 50% of the tokens will be used on game ecosystem and marketing. The public sale FDV is set to be $40m.

Future Roadmap

Pepo has successfully completed its initial NFT sales, private round fundraising, and closed-beta. The upcoming roadmap includes the land sale, IDO, mobile app, and decentralized governance.

Ending Thoughts

Pepo Paradise is a playful metaverse with the advantage of attracting existing NFT users through partnerships. Instead of focusing on game economics and APYs, Pepo offers a platform for users to create and share their lands. The game economy is built around item collecting and land creations to award the best creators. We believe that Pepo Paradise can bringing both NFT players and new crypto users into the space.

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