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3 min readOct 5, 2023


by @Guaaronnnn
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MetaMask has recently launched MetaMask Snaps, a feature aimed at expanding the wallet’s functionality and opening doors for developers and users in the blockchain ecosystem.

MetaMask’s Step Forward with MetaMask Snaps

MetaMask has recently taken a significant step forward by launching MetaMask Snaps. This new feature, currently in Open Beta, allows for a more personalized and diverse transaction experience by enabling the addition of various plugins to the MetaMask wallet. This move is part of MetaMask’s vision to create a more open and customizable wallet environment.

What is MetaMask Snaps?

MetaMask Snaps are essentially plugins that can be added to the MetaMask wallet. They are similar to extensions in a web browser, allowing third-party developers to extend the wallet’s functionality. Users can freely choose and download the plugins they need. Snaps can add new API methods to MetaMask, support different blockchain protocols, or modify existing functionalities. They are designed to run in an isolated environment to ensure security, with access to a limited set of capabilities based on the permissions granted by the user during installation.

In the Open Beta, MetaMask Snaps supports three main categories of features:

  1. Transaction Insights: This feature provides users with insights before they confirm transactions in MetaMask, enhancing the transparency and understanding of the transactions they are about to make.
  2. Interoperability: Snaps allow MetaMask to connect to non-Ethereum blockchains, broadening the scope of MetaMask and allowing users to interact with a wider range of decentralized applications and networks.
  3. Notifications: Users can receive web3-specific notifications directly in MetaMask, keeping them informed about important events or updates in real-time.

The Importance of MetaMask Snaps

The launch of MetaMask Snaps marks a pivotal step for MetaMask, transitioning from merely a wallet to a more versatile platform. This move aims to tap into the broader developer community’s expertise to bring about more functionalities in the web3 space.

With Snaps, MetaMask is extending its functionality to interact with other blockchain networks beyond the Ethereum ecosystem. This interoperability is a significant move as it makes MetaMask a more versatile and useful tool for users invested in different blockchain networks.

The introduction of Snaps also further solidifies MetaMask’s foundation in the crypto space. By becoming more than just a wallet, MetaMask is positioning itself as a more adaptable and user-friendly platform, catering to a wider range of blockchain networks and user needs. Moreover, MetaMask is evolving towards a platform or even a larger infrastructure. The MetaMask Wallet serves as the entrance to the crypto world, akin to how a web browser serves as the interface to the internet, enhancing the overall web3 experience for its users.

What’s The Impact?


  • Snaps provide a platform for developers to enhance MetaMask’s functionality, potentially reaching a larger audience.


  • Users benefit from a customizable wallet experience, seamlessly accessing different blockchain networks and applications.

Non-EVM wallet:

  • They have to choose: either join MetaMask by integrating as a Snap to access its large user base, or continue on their own. Continuing independently could be tough as MetaMask has a huge market share and is now building an ecosystem with Snaps.


MetaMask Snaps brings a new level of functionality to the MetaMask wallet, making it more useful to both developers and users. By opening up to non-Ethereum blockchains, MetaMask is now a more versatile tool in the crypto space. The move sets MetaMask apart in the competitive wallet market and shows its ambition to be more than just a wallet, but a platform that can adapt to the diverse needs of the blockchain community.


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