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3 min readMar 15, 2024


by @uuwagyuu

BlackRock, managing over $10 trillion in assets by 2023, is a giant in traditional finance, illustrating the vast scale and trust in such companies. Similarly, in the crypto world, DeSyn is aiming to reshape asset management for today’s digital era. Using blockchain technology, DeSyn plans to provide a decentralized option that focuses on security and openness. While inspired by BlackRock’s impressive success, DeSyn is designed for the specific needs of the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, aiming to make asset management more straightforward, open, and effective for the crypto audience.


DeSyn is a platform in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space focused on making crypto asset management simpler and safer. It offers various financial products, like ETF-style portfolios, closed-end funds, and custom investment strategies, suitable for a wide range of investors. DeSyn aims to make managing digital assets accessible to everyone, ensuring that all actions are transparent and recorded on the blockchain. This approach helps to make asset management in the crypto world as reliable and straightforward as traditional financial services.

The Approach

DeSyn improves the process of managing assets in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem by leveraging blockchain, making the management of crypto assets more secure and transparent. It offers a system similar to what is seen in traditional finance with firms like BlackRock but tailored for the DeFi sector’s specific needs.

  1. Automated Asset Management: DeSyn uses smart contracts to automate the creation, management, and implementation of various investment strategies, reducing human errors and removing the need for middlemen.
  2. Diverse Investment Products: The platform provides a variety of investment options, including ETF-like portfolios tracking certain indexes or sectors in the crypto market and custom strategies for different risk profiles and goals. This variety helps all types of investors find suitable investment options.
  3. Transparent and Secure Transactions: With blockchain, all transactions on DeSyn are openly recorded, letting investors monitor their investments anytime. This transparency ensures a trustworthy and secure asset management environment.
  4. Accessibility and Inclusivity: Understanding the complexities and barriers of both traditional and crypto asset management, DeSyn focuses on making investments easier to access and understand, opening up the DeFi space to more people and promoting wider participation.

Broadening the Scope of DeFi Investments

DeSyn Protocol enhances its array of investment solutions by incorporating advanced DeFi mechanisms, reinforcing its diverse portfolio with:

  • Diversified ETF-like Portfolios: Gain broad exposure to the crypto market through carefully selected asset collections.
  • Custom Investment Strategies: Tailor-made approaches catering to specific investor preferences and risk tolerances.
  • Flexible Fund Options: Including the stability-focused oSTBT and the return-seeking soETH, appealing to a wide investor base.

Expanding further, DeSyn introduces innovative products by integrating with trading platforms, lending services, and liquidity pools, introducing:

  • Enhanced Yield Strategies: Leveraged tokens and staking options aim for higher returns by utilizing borrowed funds for investment.
  • Profit Sharing through Liquidity Provision: Investors can earn from trading fees by supplying liquidity to perpetual contract markets.
  • Social Trading: Follow and replicate the trading strategies of seasoned investors in both spot and derivative markets.

For example, DeSyn introduces:

  • oSTBT Fund: An open-ended fund focusing on the safety and consistent yields of U.S. Treasury Bills.
  • 3stETH Fund: A closed-end fund that leverages ETH staking, designed for investors looking to enhance their staking rewards.


In the DeFi sector, where a significant portion of blockchain assets resides, there’s a noticeable demand from both retail and institutional investors for straightforward investment products. With the bear market behind us, DeFi yields are on the rise, attracting a growing number of yield seekers. Yet, the current market lacks a dominant asset management protocol. DeSyn could fill this void, positioning itself as the BlackRock of DeFi. It aims to cater to the rising demand with its user-friendly investment solutions, promising higher yields and meeting the needs of a broader investor base in a post-bear market landscape.





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