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3 min readMay 19, 2024


by @uuwagyuu

There is a narrative that is rarely talked about, yet it could be a key to the mass adoption: intent-centric. Initiated by Paradigm, this concept focuses on simplifying user interactions with blockchain by emphasizing outcomes over processes. This allows users to achieve their goals without needing to understand the complex mechanics behind blockchain operations. In this narrative, dappOS emerges as a leading platform that integrates this user-focused strategy, creating a seamless interface that could significantly lower the barriers to adoption.


DappOS simplifies interactions by prioritizing user intent over technical complexities. Serving as a bridge between users and blockchain infrastructure, it streamlines access to dApps akin to mobile apps. By abstracting user accounts and automating operations, DappOS ensures a seamless experience across multiple blockchains. It functions as a universal platform, enabling projects to reach users across various chains effortlessly. Users can navigate Web3 applications effortlessly, akin to using mini-programs on WeChat, requiring only a single wallet account for access. This reduces barriers to entry and enhances usability.


The dappOS team brings together extensive blockchain knowledge and tech industry experience. CEO Ty Shen co-founded and served as CTO at Alchemy Pay, specializing in blockchain payments. COO Isabella Yang contributes tech and venture capital insights from her background at Google and investment activities in prominent startups.


In March 2024, dappOS successfully secured $15.3 million in Series A funding led by Polychain, valuing the project at $300 million. Prior to this round, dappOS had already received investments from reputable VC such as Binance Labs and Sequoia China during its seed funding phase.

What is Intent?

Intent, as defined by Paradigm in June 2023, marks a shift towards focusing on user goals rather than the intricacies of transactions. It allows users to express their objectives with clear statements, enabling them to delegate transaction execution while keeping control. This approach is akin to the transformative “1995 Moment” of the internet, where user interfaces became more accessible, opening up possibilities for wider adoption. In the realm of Web3, intent-centricity aims to simplify interactions, similar to how ride-hailing services match user intentions with optimized routes and fare settlements. By prioritizing outcomes over processes, enabling delegated execution, and ensuring verifiable results, intent-centric designs aim to enhance user experiences within the blockchain ecosystem.

Intent Task Frameworks

dappOS introduces Intent Task Frameworks to align user intentions with traditional blockchains securely and precisely. Its four frameworks include Unified Account, Intent Assets, Real-time dApp Interaction, and Intelligent Minting.

  1. Unified Account: Seamlessly manage assets across dApps and chains, simplifying cross-chain operations and payments. For example, a user can easily switch between different deFi protocols on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain using a single wallet address managed by dappOS.
  2. Intent Assets: Flexible assets like intentUSD adapt to scenarios, converting to different stablecoins as needed and generating interest when idle. For instance, a user holding intentUSD can seamlessly use it as USDT or USDC depending on the specific DeFi platform’s requirements, while also earning interest when not actively trading.
  3. Real-time dApp Interaction: Facilitates instant interaction with dApps, simplifying complex operations and enhancing user experience. For example, a user can quickly swap tokens on a decentralized exchange (DEX) like Uniswap or SushiSwap without manually approving each transaction, streamlining the trading process.
  4. Intelligent Minting: Enhances asset control and security by enabling direct control over the minting process without delegating private keys. For instance, a user can mint new tokens directly from their wallet without relying on third-party services, ensuring greater sovereignty and minimizing security risks.


As blockchain evolves, the focus shifts from infrastructure to user-friendly applications. dappOS, backed by Polychain and Binance Labs, stands at the forefront, poised to lead this transition. With a solid foundation and partnerships with leading projects like GMX, BENQI, and QuickSwap, it’s on track to become a key player in the intent-centric space. With over 350,000 users, dappOS offers a smooth, user-centric blockchain interaction, reshaping how users and developers engage in the blockchain ecosystem’s complexity.






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