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BornToDieGame (BTDG) is a Play2Earn 3D shooter in the MetaVerse and wants to resume the same economy and business model in the Metaverse as in the real world.

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Game Background

BTDG is a first-person shooter in which players can battle AI and unlock teleportation and time travel in the metaverse by completing different challenges and missions. The game is based on battles between 4 factions and each player can collect rare NFTs in different missions, levels and PvP.

The story is set in the years of the Zetaverse, where the world is experiencing a pandemic and all living things are in danger of extinction. The epidemic has been going on for years and no cure has been found for the disease. At this point most people have given up hope and are left to their fate, the so-called “Born To Die”. Thankfully, in the midst of the chaos, a ray of hope emerged. Scientists have finally found the origin of the disease: there is only one way to save mankind and all other living creatures, and that is to travel back in time to 10,000 years ago and destroy the source of the disease.

The goal of the game is to unlock time travel for factions. Factions that unlock time travel can use their heroes, weapons, classes and NFTs to advance to the next season and gain certain advantages as the game progresses. The first season of the game will feature 5 scenarios with 10–15 levels each, spread over a 200+ square kilometer map to explore, and approximately 500 hours of gameplay.

On April 25, 2022, BTDG opens the Alpha launch channel, offering 1,000 access spots for early adopters who want to experience the game. A token release, P2E game launch and NFT launch are expected between April and June.


There are three different types of mining/quests needed for the game. These can be completed by a single hero, or you can work with other players to move forward in the mission. Hero — As the hero progresses through the army, players will need to keep upgrading themselves and leveling up. Mafia bosses’ armies will become stronger and more difficult to pass as the game progresses. NFTs — As the player progresses through the army, higher level weapons are increasingly required. Weapons can be upgraded by casting NFTs and upgrading their weapons at the forge. There are different forges for making different levels of weapons. Keys — It is not clear what the actual composition of portal keys is. Some of these ingredients can also be used to upgrade their heroes/weapons. Different experiments and combinations will be performed at the jeweler. These components must be forged in a specific order to obtain the key. The forging of keys is unknown to the player, and different keys will point to different rewards.

Game Features

BTDG pays great attention to game effects and graphics, and is committed to creating a 3A quality game. The game is enriched by special effects and graphics: for example, slow motion replay — BTDG will replay some of the slow motion of the kills in the game, so that players can look back from different angles (e.g. main character view, third person view). A lot of details about the game design, special effects and transitions, sounds and effects have been considered in every step of the game, and each step has been carefully crafted and built into the game engine.

BTDG is not just a game, but a meta-universe where players can simulate the real-world economy, take breaks to stay energized, go to the gym, upgrade their guns at the gun store, eat at restaurants, etc.

Each element of the game is an NFT, and players need to buy derivatives of these NFT assets to use them, with some of the revenue shared with the NFT owners. This also dynamically solves the liquidity problem and adds more utility to NFTs. As the game and active players grow, player revenue also rises. Rare NFTs and rewards are not available from the marketplace and are only minted when gamers complete specific quests or discover hidden NFTs. Once cast, players can sell it on the market, which makes it a great one-time reward or for progressing in the game.

The biggest challenge with any NFT game, or even NFT in general, is liquidity. Even the most popular NFT series face the challenge of mobility. BornToDieGame was designed for mobility from the start. instead of 10,000 different types of NFTs with 10–20 units, BTDG uses the ERC1155 standard and has about 100 different NFTs, each with 10k or more units.

Token Model

$Born tokens.
Born tokens are native utility and governance tokens in BTDG. All activities outside of the game use $BORN.

$DIE tokens.
The $DIE token is an in-game utility token in BTDG. Gamers earn $DIE and spend $DIE to mint NFTS in-game.

BTDG games come with a swap/exchange feature where players can exchange their $BORN / $DIE tokens with stablecoins or other tokens. Users can trade all NFTs on the marketplace. users can also trade on other third-party marketplaces if they wish.

Market Prediction

The total supply of BORN tokens is 10Billions, the initial market cap is $647k, the public price is $0.007 BTDG is expected to account for 30% of the Play2Earn gaming market within 3–5 years.

and is expected to reach 2028: with a market cap of ~$545Billion, it is expected to account for 23% of the shooter game market share.


Prasoon Agrawal — Funder

He is a former software developer and has worked on many internet projects, mostly related to automotive services, and has been focused on developing BornToDie games for the last two years. He is also a partner of, advisor of PolySports and advisor of Vikra Fintech.


Investors include: Bloktopia, DaoMaker, Polygon, TKX Capital, Siddhart — Wazirx Co-founder, Enjin Starter, 3M, DCI, OIG, CSPDAO

Launchpad: Blokpad, Seedify, and Enjin Starter


As an NFT game, players come to play the game for the rewards but stick with it because of the entertainment and excitement the game itself brings. BornToDieGame places an emphasis on spectacle and playability giving players different characters and directions to explore. With multiple levels, dynamic game maps, and an evolving environment, each game is different and challenging. BTDG emphasizes liquidity and circular economy in its economic design, right down to the players and investors, traders.


BornToDieGame (BTDG) 是一个 3A 级 3D 射击元宇宙 Play to Earn 游戏,并希望在元宇宙中建立与现实世界中一样的经济和商业模式。



Born To Die Game 是一款第一人称射击游戏,玩家可以在其中同 AI 战斗,并通过完成不同的挑战和任务解锁元宇宙中的传送和时间旅行。该游戏以 4 个派系之间的战斗为基础,每个玩家可以在不同的任务、关卡和 PvP 中收集稀有的 NFT。

故事设定在 Zetaverse 年间,世界正在经历一场大传染病,所有的生物都有灭绝的危险。传染病已经持续数年仍未找到治愈这种疾病的方法。此时大多数人已经放弃了希望,听天由命,所谓 “Born To Die”。值得庆幸的是,在混乱中,出现了一线希望。科学家们终于找到了这种疾病的起源:只有一种方法可以拯救人类和所有其他生物,就是通过时间旅行穿越到一万年前,消灭疾病的源头。

游戏的目标是为派系解锁时间旅行。解锁时间旅行的派系可以使用他们的英雄、武器、等级和 NFT 进入下一季,并且随着游戏的进行,会获得一定的优势。第一季的游戏将有 5 个场景,每个场景有 10–15 个关卡,分布在 200 多平方公里的地图上进行探索,并有大约 500 小时的游戏时间。

2022 年 4 月 25 日,BTDG 开放 Alpha 发布通道,为想体验游戏的早期玩家提供 1000 个准入名额。并预计在 4–6 月间发行代币,P2E 游戏发布以及启动 NFT。


游戏中有三种不同类型的采矿/任务需要。这些可以由一个英雄完成,也可以与其他玩家合作,在任务中向前推进。 英雄 — 随着英雄在军队中的进展,玩家需要不断升级自己和提高等级。黑手党老板的军队会随着游戏进展变得越来越强,越来越难以通关。 NFTs — 随着玩家在军队中的进展,越来越需要更高水平的武器。武器可以通过铸造 NFT 和在锻造厂升级他们的武器来进行升级。有不同的锻造品用于制造不同级别的武器。 钥匙 — 传送门钥匙的实际成分是什么还不清楚。其中一些成分也可以用于升级他们的英雄/武器。不同的实验和组合会在珠宝商进行。这些部件必须按照特定的顺序进行锻造,以获得钥匙。钥匙的锻造对玩家是未知的,不同的钥匙会指向不同的奖励。


BTDG 非常注重游戏特效和画面,致力于打造 3A 品质的游戏。游戏中的特效和画面使游戏变得更加丰富:例如慢动作回放 — — BTDG 会对游戏中一些击杀的慢动作进行回放,让玩家可以从不同的角度回看(如主人公视角、第三人视角) 。在游戏的每一步都考虑了很多关于游戏设计,特效和过场动画,声音和效果的细节,每一步都经过精心打造并内置到游戏引擎中。

BTDG 不只是一个游戏,还是一个元宇宙,玩家能在在 BTDG 元宇宙中模拟现实世界的经济,在这里休息以保持精力充沛,去健身房锻炼身体,在枪械店升级枪支,在餐馆吃东西等等。

游戏中的每个元素都是 NFT,玩家需要购买这些 NFT 资产的衍生品来使用它们,部分收入与 NFT 所有者共享。这也动态地解决了流动性问题,为 NFT 增加了更多的效用。随着游戏和活跃玩家的增长,玩家的收入也会提升。稀有的 NFT 和奖励不能从市场上获得,只有当游戏者完成特定的任务或发现隐藏的 NFT 时才会被铸造出来。一旦铸成,玩家可以在市场上出售,这使得它成为一个很好的一次性奖励,或用于在游戏中的进展。

任何 NFT 游戏,甚至一般的 NFT 的最大挑战是流动性。即使是最受欢迎的 NFT 系列也面临着流动性的挑战。BornToDieGame 从一开始就为流动性而设计。BTDG 没有采用 10–20 个单位的 10000 种不同类型的 NFT,而是采用 ERC1155 标准,拥有大约 100 种不同的 NFT,每个都有 10k 或更多的单位。


$Born 代币:

Born 代币是 BTDG 中的原生实用程序和治理代币。游戏之外的所有活动都使用 $BORN。

$DIE 代币:

$DIE 代币是 BTDG 中的游戏内实用代币。游戏玩家在游戏中赚取 $DIE 并花费 $DIE 来铸造 NFTS。

BTDG 游戏中带有交换/交换功能,玩家可以在其中将他们的 $BORN / $DIE 代币与稳定币或其他代币进行交换。用户可以在市场上交易所有的 NFT。如果愿意,用户还可以在其他第三方市场进行交易。


BORN 代币总供应量为 10Billions,初始市值为 $647k,公开价格为 0.007美元 预计 3–5 年内,BTDG 将占 Play2Earn 游戏市场的 30%。

并预计到 2028 年:市值为约 545Billion 美元,预计将占据 23% 的射击游戏市场份额。


Prasoon Agrawal — Funder

曾经是软件开发者,做过很多互联网项目,和汽车服务相关的较多,显示近两年都专注于开发 BornToDie 游戏。同时是 的 partner,PolySports 的 advisor 和 Vikra Fintech 的 advisor。


投资者包括:Bloktopia、DaoMaker、Polygon、TKX Capital、Siddhart — Wazirx Co-founder、Enjin Starter、3M、DCI、OIG、CSPDAO

Lauchpad:Blokpad、Seedify、Enjin Starter


作为一个 NFT 游戏,玩家来玩游戏是为了奖励,但坚持玩下去是因为游戏本身带来的娱乐和兴奋。BTDG 在过去的两年内一直在开发,Play2Earn 游戏模式,丰富的图形,高级人工智能等等。在游戏上重视观赏性和可玩性给予玩家不同的角色和探索方向。由于有多个关卡,动态的游戏地图,以及不断发展的环境,每一个游戏都是不同的,具有多层次性和挑战性。BTDG 在经济上强调流动性和循环经济,在经济设计中,游戏的双代币模型和 NFT 种类考虑到了玩家和投资者,交易者等多种利益相关者。



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